Why Doolin’s trouble shooters bible?

Over 250,000 servicemen in HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) industry own a copy of Doolin’s Trouble Shooters Bible. Hundreds of trade schools and community colleges have used this book in their training programs. This book rides service trucks, is the shop manual of the trade and is used extensively by owners of equipment who maintain their own units or have maintenance departments. The book presents an authoritative and comprehensive guide and makes learning HVAC easy for students. The book has everything a serviceman needs to know about service procedures and essential principals required to diagnose HVACR systems and repair them efficiently. It highlights a precise treatment of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration and is full of troubleshooting tips. These can help an individual to enjoy a stimulating and rewarding career whether he is an apprentice or just starting out. It is a must-have for individuals who have or pursues a career in HVACR industry. The books is available in English and Spanish editions.

Who are we?

Scientia Books is honored to be the publisher of Doolin’s Trouble Shooters Bible, previously published by  Doolco, Inc.  We are a publisher of authoritative books in engineering.  Doolin’s Trouble Shooters Bible is our main product for HVACR industry. Bob Dixon, a top HVAC teacher, is responsible for the updates revising the book since it was in its second edition.

  • Commercial and household refrigerators
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Electrical motors
  • Central systems

  • Compressors
  • Ice machines
  • Electric and gas heating systems
  • Heat pumps and a lot more

Over 250,000 HVAC servicemen already have a copy of Doolin’s Trouble Shooter Bible, and they attest that it positively changed their lives. It is not only professionals who take advantage of the book’s knowledge as owners of equipment also use it to know how to maintain their machines efficiently.

Anyone can grab their copy as it is available nationwide in technical bookstores and through refrigeration supply houses. Note that hundreds of community colleges and trade schools use the valuable book in their training sessions.

The book is very educational and easy to understand. It highlights the precise treatment of ventilation, air conditioning heating, and refrigeration covering different subjects and troubleshooting tips. These can help a professional to enjoy a stimulating and rewarding career whether they are apprentices or just starting out. Everyone can benefit from my book because it only requires basic knowledge of mathematics and physics that you were probably taught in high school (9th or 10th grade). It is one of the things that make it superior to other training material on the market.

You can either use it as a textbook or handy manual regardless of whether you are an HVAC instructor, students, or graduates. Students can use it as a self-help book when reading through course material and professionals can even use it on a job-site. Engineers who want to know in-depth information about servicing or repairing HVACR will also find the book very useful.

Even though the book has been around for a while, it goes through constant revisions. It is to ensure that it reveals all the most recent standards in the industry. Bob Dixon, a top HVAC teacher, is responsible for the updates revising the book since it was in its second edition.

Currently, it is in its fifth edition giving out nothing but the best information. With this book, you will be able to internalize all the principles of air conditioning and refrigeration. You will also receive top-notch training in the techniques and skills that you need for troubleshooting and servicing.

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